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Rare Batana

Batana oil is from the far east coastal regions of Honduras - a natural treatment for hair and skin care. It's unprocessed and contains no other standard ingredients found in most hair & skin care products (you know those big names that are difficult to pronounce? yeah, those). It's all organic; proven to make your skin, hair, and scalp healthy and strong!


  • Batana Oil (Imported from Honduras)


DIRECTIONS: Scoop a generous amount by hand and massage into the scalp or skin.

2.0 Oz

*Please be advised: A strict Alkaline Diet is required for maximum effectiveness; otherwise, you'll neutralize the effects or only reap minimal benefits. View our Nutritional Guidehere.

*Safe for children under 13 years old

Victor Bowman’s original and unique formulas inspired by his father (Dr. Sebi) are proprietary blends of Victor Bowman and may contain ingredients not listed here.