Female Balance Plus

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Turnera Diffusahelps with fertility, reducing dryness in the vagina, and improving sexual satisfaction. This is also effective in boosting mental function and treating headaches.Trifolium Pratense or the red clover is often used to relieve acne, skin disorders, sores, and flu. It is also a powerful ingredient against gout, urinary problems, vaginal irritation, cancer, and AIDS.Rubus Idaeusmostly assists with female organ problems, pregnancy, menstrual irregularities, and feelings of discomfort in breastfeeding. But it also has other benefits against fever, nausea, stomach problems, and sore throat.


  • Turnera Diffusa
  • Verbena Hastata
  • Wormwood
  • Valeriana Officinalis
  • Trifolium Pratense
  • Rubus Idaeus


DIRECTIONS: Three capsules daily (30 servings) with a meal that follows Dr. Sebi’s nutritional food guide.

*Please be advised: A strict Alkaline Diet is required for maximum effectiveness; otherwise, you'll neutralize the effects or only reap minimal benefits. View our Nutritional Guidehere.