100% authentically sourced raw ingredients by Dr. Sebi's son, Victor Bowman - ENJOY 50% OFF UNTIL June 13th! Happy Birthday Victor!


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Elderboost Tonic

Great for fighting colds, fevers & the flu! Anti-cancer properties; helps treat stomach ulcers, boosts blood circulation, reduces inflammation, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, boosts heart health, helps with osteoarthritis, opens the crown chakra, balances the third chakra, reduces muscle pain and soreness, helps chronic indigestion, boosts the immune system, improve vision, and accelerates healing.


  • Elderberry
  • Clove
  • Ginger


DIRECTIONS: Three tablespoons daily (10 servings) with a meal that follows Dr. Sebi’s nutritional food guide.

*Please be advised: A strict Alkaline Diet is required for maximum effectiveness; otherwise, you'll neutralize the effects or only reap minimal benefits. View our Nutritional Guidehere.

*Not safe for children under 13 years old

Victor Bowman’s original and unique formulas inspired by his father (Dr. Sebi) are proprietary blends of Victor Bowman and may contain ingredients not listed here.